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Advertising Agencies

When it comes an advertising agency and its client, we understand the fundamental importance of speaking the same language. We work behind the scenes with you to create a seamless translation of brand into media, be it video, animation, motion graphic or print…

Gaming Assets

RI Video Solutions’ team has been a boutique solutions provider for gaming and animation companies for twenty-plus years. From breathtaking cinematics to motion capture and clean up, we are a great go-to outfit to get the job done…

Industrial, Mining Video & Animation

Resource Intelligence Video Solutions takes your audience beyond video with custom built 2D and 3D animations that will bring your products and services to life like never before. We also are a full service video production company: Live action, on site productions and more…

NEWSFLASH: Video Rocks


Thank you, Business in Vancouver, for highlighting some of the many reasons what companies should be thinking video when they think about marketing:

In the late 1990s, businesses were told they needed a website as part of their marketing strategy. Around 2008, they started hearing how important social media was to marketing.

Today, thanks to YouTube, the proliferation of mobile devices and ever-increasing bandwidth, online video has become the latest de rigueur marketing and advertising tool. (more…)

Shooting travelling clients: keeping costs down and appearances up


One of the best “live” locations to shoot video in my experience is in a hotel room. The curtains are usually thick and heavy, so it’s fairly easy to block out most light. That way it’s easy to set up a portable lighting kit and control the kelvin of the shoot. Also, the walls tend to be sound insulated, which muffles most sound from neighbouring rooms.

When a client is in from out of town, they’re usually staying at a hotel, and often a business hotel, so the look is clean and corporate. And if the room is too small to effectively light and shoot, most hotels have rooms they’ll rent for just a few hours at a fraction of the cost of their nightly rate.

We shot this video on a Canon 7D with a 50mm f1.8 with a Sony Ex1 for a second angle and audio.

Woman2Warrior & Easter Seals


Easter Seals approached RIVS to create a video for their nascent women’s only obstacle course and fundraiser, Woman2Warrior. The cause was good and the event a blast for all. We used a Merlin Stedicam for a lot of the shoot so that the viewer feels part of the action, but without the jittery camera work that sometimes plagues this sort of video. Canon 5D and Canon 6D were both used on this, and both are phenomenal cameras. We’re looking forward to working with this amazing group again.

Enterra Feed Corporation, with Hangar 18


Enterra Feed Corporation has everything going for it: A revolutionary idea, excellent connections and being an early adopter of new technology. What they needed, however, was a video that would explain their product in simple terms, so that investors and potential clients would see value immediately. We worked with Hangar 18 to create a 90 second video that shows how the company has “closed the loop on food waste”. With a voice over by broadcaster and environmental activist David Suzuki.

Quest Rare Minerals, Strange Lake Rare Earth Elements Project


The first time we created an animation for Quest Rare Minerals, the company was at a much earlier stage of development. We had shot and edited video interviews with the CEO before, but he wasn’t convinced that animation would be right for them. Plus, he argued, his engineers would be able to make animations from their engineering software. I’m not sure if it was the cost or the quality, but for whatever reason, Quest came back to us and gave us the job of creating their first animation. We’re very glad that, two years later, Quest came back to us for a second, more in-depth animation. Now that the company is much closer to production, they needed a tool to show investors what a mine would look like in northern Quebec, how the ore would be transported to Quebec and upgraded into separated rare earths ready for shipping globally.

SilverCrest Mines, Santa Elena Project


We’re very lucky to have clients like SilverCrest Mines, who have believed in our vision from the beginning. By sticking with us, we have also developed a valuable library of photography, video and animation that we can continuously revisit each time we tell their story.

One of the keys to creating excellent video is having access to a big supply of powerful imagery. You can do a lot with little, but you can almost always do more with more! Having worked with SilverCrest Mines for seven years on every one of their projects means that we have still images, areal photography and video, GoPro video, time lapses, animation, interviews and more, from each of these projects. This allows us to develop creative ideas that would otherwise not be possible, at a price that always impresses the company’s CFO.

Creative Fire & Co-op


When the need arises, we pride ourselves on always stepping up to the plate. That’s why, when Creative Fire ad agency called on us to do the production on an advertisement for Co-op, we stepped up and exceeded all expectations. Our turnaround was quick, and our style was a perfect fit with their creative direction. Creative Fire was a pleasure to work with!

Peruvian Precious Metals, The Igor Project


We love our clients and will do just about anything to get the right shot, the best looking image or the most interesting time-lapse. But some clients make you want to go the extra mile. Peruvian Precious Metals is one of those companies that always has their story straight. Brian Maher is what we call a “one take wonder”, which means that when he’s on camera, we pretty much hit record and let him go. And since Brian always gets his part right, we have a lot of time to work on making the rest of the video that much better. In this case, we were on the lookout for interesting time lapse sequences at (and around) the company’s Igor gold project in Peru. We shot many more than we could use, and the best ones made it into their video.

We shot this video at over 3,000 metres elevation, which was a challenge. With little time to get acclimatized, one of our camera operators suffered from altitude sickness and was out of commission for a couple days. Our director picked up the camera and soldiered on with our director of photography.

US Silver & Gold


Animation is an incredibly powerful medium for communication. No other visual media allows you to take viewers to places so difficult to imagine or get to and see them fully realized. The world’s countless colours, textures and shapes are all possible with animation. The sky truly is the limit. We created this animation for US Silver & Gold to show investors the areas around the project available for potential future mining, but also how the company has reacted to unfavourable market conditions. As the company continues to weather the storm, this animation is an indispensable part of the company’s strategy to keep investors informed.

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